Hello! I currently am not accepting new clients at my West-End Toronto location (if you are on my waiting list, or area a past client, this doesn’t apply to you). I do have availability for clients who only want teleconferencing. In late summer, I will be opening a South Etobicoke office one day per week and will be able to accept individuals and couples. Please review my “Psychotherapy” page before contacting me, in order to see if we might be a good fit. I have made a couple of changes to my work. If you would like a referral, here is a list of colleagues you may want to contact:

Aisha Tambo

Prapti Giri

Sheila Banerjee

Andrea Kwan

Dino Paoletti

If this is an emergency, you might want to contact The Gerstein Centre, a community-based, 24 hour crisis centre.

Here are low-cost therapy options through Toronto Institute of Relational Therapy and Affordable Counselling and the Gestalt Institute. You might also want to check out Jaya Health’s by-donation community clinic.

Check out this low-cost 15 min/day, 40 day online mindfulness program that I like.